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"As both a teacher and an individual, Faye Fitzgerald is an inspiration and a beacon to knowledge of a high order.  Embodying the teachings of her system of energetic training, she encompasses a tangible example of what it means to attain a greater potential in both the far reaching realms of spirit and the grounded daily living of what it means to live in courtesy, generosity, joy and truth."
ES, Montreal, Canada


Feedback on Faye's Spirituality and Wealth Segment

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"I began my journey studying Faye Fitzgerald's course work in 1997, and it has had the most profound and transformative impact on my life in every area of my health, wellness, and spiritual well-being. Both the basic and more advanced techniques I have studied with Faye have become an indispensable part of my daily practice, and have opened the doors to new experiences and opportunities that have literally changed my life. 

Faye is a highly effective and engaging teacher who is able to perceive the deeper truths we often hide from ourselves. The courses she has developed in the area of energy healing and meditation are ground-breaking. They introduce a clear vocabulary and conceptual framework for esoteric and complex subject matter in an accessible and comprehensible manner. I whole-heartedly recommend these courses to anyone with a sincere desire to embrace change and take control of his/her own life. I am immensely grateful to Faye for her brilliant work, and I look forward to continuing my studies with her for many years to come!"
Anna M, Toronto

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