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In conversation with Faye

In conversation with Faye

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Science or Spirituality?
Why do you recommend meditation as a tool for change? Meditation is the best tool I know for accessing personal truth and clarity. It connects you with your divine inner self - the “power” part of you. It is more than a vehicle for change; it is also a way to maintain health on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

How is the style of meditation that your system offers, different from other meditation techniques such as Yoga meditation, Buddhist meditation, and transcendental meditation? While I believe all meditation systems have their benefits, the meditation technique I have developed is an active style of meditation. This means that rather than emptying the mind, you learn to fill your mind with knowledge and make the meditation work for you.  As humans we are truly vast -  much, much more than we think or know. Meditation is an excellent vehicle for developing one’s sense of Power. The meditation techniques we teach make you fully independent: there is no ritual, chanting, beads, tapes or such. Just you and your version of a higher Power, which could be God, Source, Buddha, Christ, or however a higher power is expressed for you. We want you to be able to meditate for your answers with ease - any time, any where. Eventually you can learn to live in a meditative state, while fully functioning in your life here.

You talk about physics in your work.  Can you explain the link between spirituality and physics? This is where we come to acknowledge the precise nature of science and the inexorable truths of the higher principles of love (or the universe) that are our “way in” to greater Power. By Power, I mean a self-actualized position of recognizing that we are an energetic wavelength of love, and as such we can tune to that principle, harness it, and wield it for the betterment of ourselves and others.  It is the difference between personal power and a greater power. We do not function from the intellect, then. We come from a deeper position – a deeper power of the greater mind.  

You offer energy healing techniques in your courses. What is an energy healing? If you are familiar with Rife technology, it is based on a similar concept to those I use in our healing systems. For example, if you had the flu, Rife technology can repeat that frequency (the frequency of the flu) outside your body, and it will cancel the frequency of the flu within your body. And so we create a frequency in energy healings that can cancel out disease and allow the body to heal itself. In a real sense, we take “attack” off the human form.

Can anyone do these healings? Yes. When there is a random miracle for example, the medical and scientific arenas record it as just that – a miracle. Yet: what if we can teach many people to perform these so-called miracles?  Doesn’t it then become a science?

Would anyone be interested in this kind of work? Many people have a hard enough time living their lives and honestly don't want or need the depth of this work. It takes a type of warriorship to want to be part of evolutionary change. True power takes a 100% committment. For those who do take on the challenge of healing themselves, the rewards are enormous, specifically the reward of having control, choice and manifestation in every area of life. This training system is not the only way to achieve effective healing. Many people are successfully using other systems of spiritual training. 

Was there a pivotal moment in your life when you decided to develop a system that would “take people to their power”? I was quite ill for many years with a variety of illnesses including hyperthyroidism, chronic hip and back problems, and I had detached retinas which led to a temporary loss of my eyesight. At one point I was near death and I had to make a decision to live. I had to tap into my noble nature and become 100% willing to be of service in our evolution to consciousness. Structurally, I remain compromised today. I live in pain everyday, although it is much better than it was. I have always sought alternative methods to deal with medical issues because I believe there are alternatives once there has been any required crisis intervention by the medical community. I am an advocate of alternative medicines, the use of frequency machines, the use of marijuana for cancer and pain, the use of healing groups, things like that. 

What other leading visionaries and evolutionary leaders do you admire? Mahatma Gandhi, a brave and intelligent man who stood against injustice and managed to find a path to peaceful evolution for his people. Christ, who inspired me in the area of courage. Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science, for her comprehension of the science of power and her ability to create miracle healings and manifestations. She believed healing was divinely natural and repeatable, and I do too. There are others… 

Why does it seem that spiritual leaders become controversial? When you offer vanguard concepts with which people can truly change, leaders are often deified and thrust into the position of the guru. They are not allowed or forgiven for having their human life. Our system teaches you to be your own guru – that you have as much power, wisdom and courage as I do to access your true potential.  If a student becomes in any way dependent upon the teacher, or conversely, if the teacher cares more about the student’s success than the student does, then you are headed for a blaming dynamic, targeted either at the leader or the organization.  It’s human nature, really. Also remember we deal with many concepts that are not anchored into the collective consciousness, and resistance is often the immediate reaction. I like Arthur Schopenhauer, the German philosopher’s quote: “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”  I’d like to add that most leaders in any field are often visionaries or minimally, unique personalities.  With a focus on the future and creation, it has been my observation that they often lack skills in the areas of effective communication including tact. I’ve been told I’m on that list and I have to agree.   

There has been controversy about you, and your organization has even been referred to as a cult. Can you comment on thatThis kind of work brings forward previously unaddressed trauma and all the emotions and feelings that go with that. Ironically, this is the only way I know of to find sustaining relief from that which keeps us held back from our full potential and keeps us repeating patterns that no longer serve us. We bring it fully forward to heal it.  No single program of personal and spiritual development can meet the needs of everyone who attends. We emphasize that people are free to come and go as they wish as students. Because our coursework is experiential and transformative, it affects people on many levels. Sometimes it turns out not to be the right time for an individual to pursue this kind of work, and we respect that.

As for the comments regarding Training in Power being a cult: there will always be critics. Many individuals and organizations have been the brunt of attacks and accusations throughout history. Sure, we've made some mistakes and regret them, and so have most other vanguard organizations. I read just a few years ago that Oprah (Fox News) and Ekhart Tolle have been called a cult for their efforts to educate the world in what must be our next evolutionary step. And yet millions seek this Truth. Many leaders in this area would agree with Winston Churchill, who said, "a lie gets half way around the world before the Truth has a chance to get its pants on."

I think Andrew Cohen, a recognized spiritual teacher, says it very well. When asked why he was so controversial, he responded:  

“Because I'm trying to create something new—something that has never happened before. And this provokes tremendous resistance. This is how evolution works—the old always resists the new. And the people who meet the most resistance are those who step out ahead in pursuit of a vision of that which has not yet emerged. So my entire history since I started teaching has been this heaven-and-hell experience where I've been constantly riding on the edge of this evolutionary emergence, while simultaneously facing violent opposition both from the spiritual world and even from my own students—people who I had been very close to.” 

“You see, when someone says yes to this evolutionary calling, they’re saying yes to the best part of themselves. And that’s a very sacred moment. Because in the profound discovery of evolutionary context, suddenly one’s own conscience awakens to the obligation to transform, to evolve, to actually become worthy of one’s own deepest experience of revelation. But saying yes is just where the journey begins, and one’s sincerity will be tested. And if one recoils from that which one has said yes to, one is actually saying no to one’s own deepest self. And most people, don’t have the humility to bear that fact. As ridiculous as it sounds, the ego is humiliated by its own failure to transcend itself, and so in order for the person to feel better about themselves, too often they have to turn against that which they had held most sacred.”

In your personal journey, what accomplishments are you most proud of? As an individual, putting myself through school for a BA, in an era when it was not the norm to do so, and most especially not the norm for a woman who grew up on a farm. As a teacher, I have great admiration for the teachers who are teaching this body of work; they are exceptionally adept leaders. As a healer, I have saved some lives, and that is without a doubt an accomplishment for which I am grateful. 

Have you written any books? I have been in that process for about 10 years! There are many great authors out there for those who seek the definition of true power and enlightenment concepts. One author I can recommend is Carlos Castaneda, who writes with brilliance in the area of true power. 

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