Faye Fitzgerald received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Training in Power community in 1998

Fast Fact

Fast Fact

The teaching of Training in Power was formalized as an organization called Training in Power A Spiritual Journey of Service in 1995.

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About Faye Fitzgerald

About Faye Fitzgerald

Angels are visible to those who accept the light and break the pact made with darkness.
Paulo Coelho 

Faye Fitzgerald is the developer of the extraordinary educational system called Training in Power™. This system incorporates more than 20 courses in self-empowerment, spiritual advancement, meditation techniques and energetic healing work.

Where Spirituality and Science Meet

An avid researcher and student, Faye has been influenced by the work of many great teachers, including Edgar Cayce, Mary Eddy Baker, Jose Silva, Carlos Castaneda, Buddha, Christ and Mohammed. Combined with her active research in the areas of clinical psychology, cultural anthropology, theology and cross-cultural healing practices, Faye developed a profound understanding about healing. In order for people to truly heal, science and the spirituality must exist side by side.

Identifying this need led Faye to combine her wealth of experience and research results into an innovative training system. The unique course curriculum is based on an active meditation model with a rich set of tools to support personal healing. Graduates found they could use these tools in their own healing practices and many began to train to teach the Training in Power™ system to their own students. 

Faye’s Journey

Growing up in Stratford, Ontario Canada, Faye was aware of her intuitive and healing gifts from a very young age. By sixteen, she was helping friends with psychic readings and energy healings. In 1971, Faye completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Western Ontario. in London, Ontario. She moved to Toronto to begin her career in the social services field. She was drawn to serve the community in various advocacy and counseling roles working with vulnerable client groups.  This work allowed Faye to witness the negative effects experienced by many health care professionals. So many exhibited signs of deep fatigue and stress. She knew that a system of self-protection was desperately needed. Relocating to British Columbia in 1976, Faye actively practiced and studied in the field of spirituality. Faye became well known in the Vancouver area for the clarity of her psychic readings and the power of her healing ability.

Meditation and Healing Techniques

The Training in Power™ system combines advanced meditation techniques with energy healing work. Based on the best of many meditation and energy healing modalities, both ancient and modern, Faye’s system is designed to elevate consciousness.In 1986, Faye Fitzgerald’s first course - Level I: The Prophet - was launched. It introduced the new meditation technique and energetic healing tools that allowed students to claim their own power while learning a dynamic manifestation position. Over the years, Faye has expanded her course and workshop offerings to include areas such as relationship, prosperity, career, health, manifestation, emotional wellness, inner child work and parenting. In 2006, the Training in Power™ Academy was formed and now offers all 20 courses in the U.S. and in Canada. Faye Fitzgerald lives in Burnaby, BC, Canada with her beloved canines.

More Information

l  Read a conversation with Faye and learn more about this unique system. l  Find complete information about Training in Power™ courses on the Training in Power ™ Academy website.    

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