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Be sure to take advantage of our free guided meditation. You may also be interested in taking some courses in advanced meditation and healing techniques developed by Faye Fitzgerald. Find out more about her programs offered at Training in Power™ Academy, or contact us if you are interested in customized courses for your organization. 

A Welcome from Faye

A Welcome from Faye

Health, wellness and self-healing programs and courses since 1986

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Faye Fitzgerald is the founder and developer of an educational training system called Training in Power™, offering more than 20 courses in self-empowerment, spiritual advancement, and energetic healing work.

Read more about Faye Fitzgerald, teacher and researcher, in BIO.  Visit FAQ for how her unique teachings on the relationship between science and spirituality have positively impacted the lives of many students over the past 26 years.  

Free Meditation

You are invited to try a free meditation, recorded by Faye Fitzgerald. The file will take approximately two minutes to download.  Please enjoy this recording for your personal use. 

If you like the free guided meditation you receive, you may enjoy taking some courses in advanced meditation and healing techniques developed by Faye Fitzgerald. Click here to find out more about Training in Power™ Academy courses.

Enjoy your tour of!       

Faye Fitzgerald began her teaching career with a unique course about meditation, healing, spirituality and manifestation in 1986 in a small community in British Columbia, Canada. Since then, more than 100 teachers throughout North America teach this outstanding system of personal empowerment called "Training in Power". 

Additional course titles include Prosperity, Relationship, Anger Management, Communication, Youth and Children Courses, The Archetype Course, The Corporate Course, Elite Awareness, The Mirage of Stress, the Master Warrior program, and many more.  Contact us for more information!

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